Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TCP writing couplets

Apples and pear is the healthiest around here kiwi fruit that grows here has more seed than apple and pears. Did you know that kiwi fruits
Makes more money than apples and pears

kiwi fruit grow on vines apple and pears grow on tree which fruit would you refer to ea
Vines need special t lines to keep it stood that why they have woods And that the end of my Rhyme

My Reflection

The special thing that I've learn this year in class from my teacher was that how and when to use commas and speech marks. I've learnt online by myself how to get on my doc and different sites. My  friend taught me how to play netball

My coach taught me how to play rugby and a lot of things. I taught my friends how to play touch properly because they didn't know the rules,

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Year 6 camp

I am very looking forward to go to our year 6 camp at kawau island. we are going to do a lot of activities like swimming,volleyball and or- entering the thing I am looking forward to do is swimming.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Nsw vs Qld

Did you know that the state of origin was yesterday at 9:30pm new south wales in the lead neck minute? Queensland got one try in 7 minute then Jonathan tirsthand got the kick in for the Queensland so they had 6 point and new south wales had 4 Michael Jennings got sin bin then he had 10 minute   

Counties manukau touch team

On Sunday was the day of my life I was trailing for the Counties manukau touch team. Early that morning I woke up went for a run I had to do that run fast because my coach was coming. As I got home I packed my close in my bag and waited for my coach.

Then we had got there they had picked green I was in it we had to walk around these cars to get to the field we had warmed up. Then it was our first game we only lost by 2 tries. Then we had a trail game straight after that we had game we had won that game 3-2. I was happy that I scored two tries our last game was very fun we won by 1 try.

At the trails for Counties was so fun because I was in my friends. And we had a long ride all the way to                

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Air New Zealand

At midnight the Air new zealand plain was about to take off to America. They had checked if everything was alright to take off then Chris said’’ come on we are about to leave’’. so then they got in the plain.

As they were up in the air the pilot knew there was something was going wrong. he asked’’ louis if he had checked everything and said’’ yes except the gas. then Chris was furious with Louis. they were going down and and Chris was doing nothing

Carefully Chris gave him some petrol to go and fuel it up. As he fueled it up everything had went back on then everybody was celebrating and was happy.

The pilot said’’ but we still need to land’’. Then everybody was screamy Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! they were running around like it was the of the world. Then he gave some petrol to Louis so he can fuel it up then everything went back on.

At the end everybody was thanking Chris for saving them and they were all safe the end.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Best holiday ever!!

In the holiday I got to see my cousin play for Tonga. He was so amazed that he got picked for the A grade Tongan team under 15's. We had to get there before 10 O'clock because they had to train then play. As they got there they were all shaking hands as always I get so bored because it takes 10 to 15 minutes.

When they called them to the field to began the game so then the referee told the two captains from each team to come. So then the South team had to kick to the north team my then they scored a try in the fifth minute.

Before half time the score was 30 - 20 then as half time was finished the north team had scored on the 50th minute so then the north team won because my cousin scored the last try. 

After that we had seen Tongan rugby league team walking over to the field to watch to see who won me and my cousin took photos with a lot of famous people like fuifui and other kinds. Then we got to see them train they had a very hard training.

When I grow I want to be a rugby star like roger tuivasa-sheck and James maloney Also I want to play for the Roosters.  

Monday, 14 October 2013

What to do on a farm

  • Yellow. Who is in charge of taking the milk to the dairy.
  • White. How did the farmer shave the sheep.
  • Red. When will i feed the sheep .
  • Blue. Why  is milk in plastic bottles.

Friday, 27 September 2013



This term we are learning about Myths and legends. So then the teachers decided to play minecraft. So i had picked the big ben to craft so then we had to find out some facts about the big ben. so I found out that a man called Augustus welby northmore pugin
Did you know that a man called Augustus welby northmore was the man who design the big ben. He was born 1812 and he died in 1852 on september. He has made a lot of buildings like churches in england and some in Ireland.

It was made in london were the queen lives. They had first built it in 1858 they had took 34 years to build it. They have built it out of copper and tin did you know that the big ben is 151 years old and it weighs the same as a elephant.

In the past we never had fashion designers but now in 2013 we have a lot designers that can make a lot of cool clothes. SO if we compare it to the past it is better now


In the 1850’s we had transporting devices and In the past we didn’t have any cars we only had horses and all different animals so if we compare it to now we have cars.

In the past we had a lot of food from the ground like vegetables. Now in 2013 we still veggies and fruit. so if we compare it to now than we still have veggies and fruit.       

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Big ben

On minecraft I have built the big Ben. It is so fun because you get to build anything

Monday, 16 September 2013

The midas touch

Once upon a time there once was a ugly beast named Silenus. He had a pair of hairy legs and a fluffy tail Silenus was so evil and strong people hated him. When he walks his belly flops up and down.Then one day a man called Dionysus walked pass Silenus and asked,’ if’ they could be friends, then he said yes then they walked into the palace.

Then one day King midas went to the God of wishes and asked,” if he could have a wish. Then the god of wishes said,” that he only has one wish, he wished that if he touches something it will turn into gold.

On that day his wish came true,Then the god went up into the sky and he vanished. and everybody hasn’t heard a word from him.
                                                The End

Friday, 6 September 2013

Very very hard game!

On sunday we had a game against Collage rifles. When the under 12’s coach asked’ my’ mum if I could play for the under 12’s, I was so excited my mum said that’ I could play for them.

I was so excited I went and packed my clothes for the game. Then he came to pick me up when we got there we had to warm up it felt like i was a star.

Then they called us on field two as we were warming up I  had to be on bench just for 5 minutes` ``. They had blown the whistle for us to go on the field when they kicked it we just scored a try.

Then our first five James got his conversion in and gave us a seven point lead. Then our winger Tyrel scored another try after he scored we were so tired that we were huffing and puffing. we beat them 28 -0

On that day it was so fun because I was out with my friends having a good time playing rugby.


Monday, 12 August 2013

The boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time.. far far away on a farm there was and powerful father and his son. the village was in danger there was an hungry wolf that wanted some meat he kept on coming to his village and trying to eat the sheep even though he was in danger. If the wolf came his son would run to people's houses so that the villagers would come out with there sticks and pins.

When the wolf was gone they made an plan there plan was to yell out wolf wolf wooooolf. Then he had tricked the village he had ran out and yelled woolf but when they came out with there sticks and pin. then when they came out there was no wolf. It was just him laughing because he had tricked them there wasn’t and wolf there. So the village was very angry about it they said, to him that they didn’t want to listen to him again because he might be lying.

When he had finished work he had went back home to his father and his mother. When he went back home his father was very angry at him because he wasn’t taking this job serious. His dad wanted the flock to be safe for the farm so they can sell the sheep.

When the wolf came again the boy was so scared he yelled out wolf wolf wooooooolf but the village didn’t listen so then the wolf was making him scared so then he wouldn’t scream out wolf. He was taking steps to eat the sheep then the boy told the wolf to don’t eat the sheep.  Don’t cry wolf unless you mean it

Monday, 5 August 2013

The wolf in sheep clothing

Once upon a time there was a . The wolf was so hungry his stomach rumbled. He had seen the shepherd feeding the sheep the shepherd didn’t know that the old sly wolf was hiding behind the tree thinking of a plan to gobble the sheep one by one .

His plan was to disguise himself as a sheep. As the shepherd took his flock for a walk the wolf had to put his sheep clothing on quickly because they were heading to the tree. The shepherd didn’t know that he was a wolf, so he walked with his flock so the shepherd wouldn’t know when he was walking with them. They were walking   around until sunset.

The shepherd's wife told him to kill a sheep so they can roast the sheep. A few minutes later the shepherd left the barn to kill a sheep when he killed the sheep he brought the sheep quickly so they can roast it before it is dark. When they killed the sheep they saw the wolf hiding under the sheepskin.
                                         Moral Of the story  
                                Don’t pretend Someone or something you're not


Friday, 12 July 2013

Taniela Antartica

Hi this is my animation about antartica hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rugby Leauge

Yesterday was Auckland champs day I couldn’t wait because i thought that i was dreaming.  It was fun because we had play teams around Auckland that are representing there area like teams out of west and south and north as we got in the school car we were nervous. As we got there they looked big but i didn’t care how big they are.

Then they called us to the field for our first game we didn’t even know that we were playing we had two minutes to warm up. We had to play manukau Magpies the reef blowed his whistle then we kicked the ball to them and we rushed up as a line to tackle the magpies. And when we tackled him they passed it to there winger and he nearly got a try but then I catched him and dragged him to the out line.

Then paula got our first try because he went through a lot of people he got chased by the fullback then paula fended the fullback in the chest and got a run away.  so the other team had to come back to the halfway line and tap it then the first game was over we had beaten them 4-1 .

Then we had another game straight after our first game our coach said this game  might be a hard game was a close game because on the first half no one gotta try but the hay park warriors nearly got a try but then he knocked it on. Then on the second half hay park got a try but was only a little bit of time we didn’t want to lose so then we came up with a way to get try we just pass it out to our wingers then we they are getting chased we follow them then they pass it to us then we will get the. The points were 5-2.

So after we had beaten the Hay park warriors we had a buy if you don’t know what is a buy it means that you have a rest for ten or fifteen minutes to eat and rest. we were eating a lot of food but then miss vaafusuaga said that we are playing in a few minutes then we stopped eating because we might get a stitch.

  Then our third game was against mayfield it was a very hard game because they were so fast and so big but our coach said’ to don’t worry about the size just get low then rap your arms around there waist . Then they scored 4 tries in the second half but we didn’t want to lose by no trise so we came out in the second half and scored 2 tries against them it was 2 tries to 4 we kept our heads up high.   

Straight after our third game we were so tired we had to play against papatoewhen we kicked it over to them we rushed up in a line to tackle them when they played the ball we did the same thing over and over again until it was last they were very close to the try line but we tackled them up. But there were still time to in this then they scored 5 tries against us but on the second half we scored 3 tries we just lost by 2 tries we still kept our head  up high.

It was very fun at avondale racecourse because I was with my team and friends.  

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Red and Yellow

Today for math we had to see how many red and yellow in the bag. We had to predicted what colour counter is going to come out


Matariki stars

Matariki stars rise during the cold winters, usually between May and the beginning of June. Did you know about 500 stars rise up at dawn? but you can only see the seven stars clearly in the sky. Then it disappears for 2 months and comes back in July.

What does the matariki mean to the maori I think it is a happy new year for them because the matariki helped the first maori people to come to aotearoa.

 The matariki helps the crops to grow because if the matariki stars are seen clearly crops will grow and it will be are warm summer if it is not seen clearly then the crops wouldn’t because it will be a very cold.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Killer whale

In the morning for class we had to see what features of different animals in Antarctica  . I was so excited? we had to go on the class site to look if it is there then I couldn’t  find it so I asked my friend if he knows were it is. Then I found a video of a Killer whale chasing a couple on the boat they were videoing it.

They were chasing them like they were going to eat the couple then the Killer whale was jumping up and down but then I said’ to my friends I thought that only dolphins chase boats. The killer whale was going everywhere around the boat .

It was so fun because they were going around there boat and bumping there boats so they can try to eat them when they are in the water but they couldn't get them out. The Killer whale was working together to eat them.

The couple was lucky because they were nearly at the icebergs then they had a happy day because they got to see a killer whale in there whole life. 

Taniela Wheel of sports

Title: Williams wheel of sport

Author:  Justin brown

Characters  Grace, william, sprint, Williams Mum, Scout porridge, Jesse,  

Setting: Athletics field

What was the problem? Scot always cheated

What was the solution? They solved it by winning

Was there a plot twist? They didn’t know that they were going to win.
My favourite part of the book was? When They won the whole tournament.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? I would make scout lose and  william Cheats  

Would I read this book again?Yes
Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Nsw vs Qld

Did you know ?.that the state of origin was on yesterday. New south wales vs Queensland they had a very tough game on the first minute nsw and qld were coming a tie. All the nsw supporters were standing out of there chairs and cheering for nsw they were saying go nsw go go. Then qld kicked it off

Jarryd hayne catch the ball then he ran straight to sam thaiday and then he tackled him to the floor. On the fifth minute nsw had a plan they did dummy cuts and some offloads James maloney cut Jarryd hayne then Jarryd hayne broke the line then he got the nsw first try

Then James maloney got the conversion in and the first half was over. They had a lot of time to think what to do on the second as they got out they were looking confident. I knew that nsw is going to win this it was just a few minute then Michael jennings broke through 5 defenders and he got a beautiful try then he did a nice surrender to the crowd

Then James maloney got the conversion kick in the score was 14 - 0 It was down to the qld to get a try all ouse they might  lose by 0 then the nsw were holding them up then cameron smith nearly got a try but then he did a double movement lucky they didn’t get a try because if they got a try then it will be 14-6.

It was a very tough game the nsw were holding them up until the 60th minute. Then Billy slater nearly got a try but then Andrew fifita tackled him then picked him back up then tackled him and then he did it again until he got a penalty. Then Greg inglis nearly got a try then he offloaded it to Darius boyd then he got the qld first try. Then Cameron smith got his conversion kick in then the game was over.        
Then I said go the nsw

Friday, 7 June 2013

Penguin Dlo

   This is my Dlo with my friend Tame

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Math Dlo

For each question, explain which person has more and how you know this.
Cyrus has 3/10 of 40 playing cards and Taimana has 1/3 of 36 cards.
When I showed my working out I did 1/10 is 4 then 3/10 are 16 so 16 is the answer

Taimana has 1/3 of 36 cards when i showed my working out i did 1/2 of 36 cards equal 32 then 1/3 is 36 so 36 is our answer

Friday, 31 May 2013

Lost traveller

Once upon a time there was a brave strong man could Michael . He had travelled from Peru to Antarctica it had taken him 7 months to get there. when he got there he knew it was going to be freezing cold so Michael had put on 5 big jacket. He had know where to sleep so Michael went and looked for something so he can build him a house Michael found a lots of things to make his house.

He had had finish building his house just before it was going to be night time at Antarctica. he had got in his cave house. on his second day in Antarctica he had got chased by a sea bird the sea birds were trying to peck him. Then he was lucky because he bring some food from where he travelled from.

Then Michael went into his cave house because he was so cold that he thought he was in the fridge. Then he went and look for some food to eat he saw some fish he jumped in the water and  got that fish with his hand so when he was out of the water he got a stick then he killed it with a stick.

He was lucky because there were scientist there to test out drill because they want to see how old the icebergs and how the wildlife is they came in a boats. Michael saw the boats going past his cave house then he was running after it and waving for help then they saw him and stop the boat and that the end of my story.   


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Whale writing

Did you know that whales use their flippers to steer them self and they have and powerful tail. They also have a  fat thick layer of blubber to keep them warm under water. Also they are the largest living animal in earth.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rippa Rugby

On saturday we were representing our school by going to eden park because we were the champs of eastern Auckland. Then we had to meet at school so we can go in the 2 vans as soon as we got there I was amazed because that was my only time I have been to eden park. We had to go and wait there for a few minutes so when our coach came we went and we had to show our tickets to the people who were waiting.

Then on the speakers told that us and holy cross and point england is versing each other when we had to go I was nervous. When they tapped the ball we run up as a team so one person runs up then two people backing him up because if he doesn't rip his tag off then the back ups will get him. Then they were starting to score tries then we scored tries it was over the points were 5 to 2 we had lost our first game.

Then we had play on the real eden park. Then they said to us whoever wins they would come third so then we played hard as we could. When the beeped the buzzer we tapped the ball and ran and passed it to our winger then we gotta try the buzzer rang again then the game was over the point was 4 point to zero.

At Eden park the whole team enjoyed going there because they liked playing and watching the blues game. my favourite person who I liked seeing was Rene ranger because was like a rocket ship he bumped of James o’connor. The End       

Penguin facts

This morning we are learning facts about penguins

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Did you know that Antarctica is the largest desert in the world for those of you in the world that don’t know now you. It is the coldest place on earth I think it is 100 degrees out there. Did you know that the icebergs are calved by the wind when it is very windy out there.

In Antarctica you would find a lot of wildlife like the leopard seals if they find a penguin by it self on a iceberg they will trap it then the seals will make big waves so it can fall off. Then they will eat it to pieces.did you know that emperors are named after the French first explorers wife.          

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My graph

I have learnt today the deeper you go the warmer it is in Antarctic

Monday, 6 May 2013

cupcake core samples

In the afternoon I have been learning how to take core samples. we took samples from a cup and guessed what the core (inside) looked like in real life geologists take samples of what is under the land.

Monday, 15 April 2013

What The......?

When I was walking down the street I saw a baby elephant hanging on the power line. And I was thinking in my mind what the .......? who would do something like that So then I called the police and they were on there way. They said’ what happened and then I said look up there so they were looking for evidence.

When they were looking for evidence they saw a finger prince. So they took the finger price to a computer scanner then they found out that it was my friend sione hanged that elephant. So I went sione and took him to the police station they asked him if he did it and he was saying no all
the time. then they had to take me in and see if he would admit it so then he finally said yes.

When they took the elephant down they called the zoo keepers to come and take the elephant to the zoo when the elephant was back to the zoo with his family he was happy because he was back and he missed them. Then when I went to see my friend sione was not then I said why did you do it.         

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tongan war Dance

For Fiafia I am in the tongan boys group we are  doing are tongan war dance. In tonga we call it a kailoa we practice out on the field our tutor is miss Hafoka and a man called siupeli. I think that our dance is cool there are a lot of people in our group.

And I am half samoan And a full tongan our James and samuella If somebody is doing something wrong then they have to tell them to focus. I feel that my tutors is fun cause we always work hard and we get to have free time after

The favorite part I like is when we always run around our stick our stick is sharp like a knife our group is ready for the fiafia night.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Once a upon a time there were four brave boys Taniela, Sione, Tame, and Paula they were very brave . He  went on a plane to visit his mother in new zealand I forgot there was a Zombie driving the plane I  when he got on his plane he was tied then he went to sleep when they were on there way to go to new zealand. he was dreaming of zombies that we his plane.

When I was dreaming of zombies I was thinking of lots of things so when I woke up my dream was true there were zombies cracking our windows jumping thought so lucky our captain told us that we have weapons at the back of our plane so there were baseball bats there were wood and shields.

Our captain said’ said to use the shield cover the window so if they try to break in then it would be so hard because it is metal. Then one zombie broke in then I had to smack it with my baseball bat on it head. lucky we had lot of shields in our plane so we blocked it with a shield then I had to go and look for some more weapons

Then I went and looked if there were some more weapons finally there were no more zombies coming. After that we stoped new zealand and then my mum was happy because I was home and I was safe nothing happened to me cause she hasn't saw me in ages.

                  to be continued


Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday, 18 March 2013

Sleeping in a tent

When i was sleeping in my tent we had some secret stashes in our tent.  Like chips and lollies then miss Garden came with her bright torch and told us to got to sleep  because when we were eating she could hear us eating.