Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rippa Rugby

On saturday we were representing our school by going to eden park because we were the champs of eastern Auckland. Then we had to meet at school so we can go in the 2 vans as soon as we got there I was amazed because that was my only time I have been to eden park. We had to go and wait there for a few minutes so when our coach came we went and we had to show our tickets to the people who were waiting.

Then on the speakers told that us and holy cross and point england is versing each other when we had to go I was nervous. When they tapped the ball we run up as a team so one person runs up then two people backing him up because if he doesn't rip his tag off then the back ups will get him. Then they were starting to score tries then we scored tries it was over the points were 5 to 2 we had lost our first game.

Then we had play on the real eden park. Then they said to us whoever wins they would come third so then we played hard as we could. When the beeped the buzzer we tapped the ball and ran and passed it to our winger then we gotta try the buzzer rang again then the game was over the point was 4 point to zero.

At Eden park the whole team enjoyed going there because they liked playing and watching the blues game. my favourite person who I liked seeing was Rene ranger because was like a rocket ship he bumped of James o’connor. The End       

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Hi Taniela I like your ripper rugby Story about we went to Eden Park and 2 plae

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