Thursday, 17 October 2013

Best holiday ever!!

In the holiday I got to see my cousin play for Tonga. He was so amazed that he got picked for the A grade Tongan team under 15's. We had to get there before 10 O'clock because they had to train then play. As they got there they were all shaking hands as always I get so bored because it takes 10 to 15 minutes.

When they called them to the field to began the game so then the referee told the two captains from each team to come. So then the South team had to kick to the north team my then they scored a try in the fifth minute.

Before half time the score was 30 - 20 then as half time was finished the north team had scored on the 50th minute so then the north team won because my cousin scored the last try. 

After that we had seen Tongan rugby league team walking over to the field to watch to see who won me and my cousin took photos with a lot of famous people like fuifui and other kinds. Then we got to see them train they had a very hard training.

When I grow I want to be a rugby star like roger tuivasa-sheck and James maloney Also I want to play for the Roosters.  

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