Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Feeling what it like to run with one arm

As The bell went I saw Mr Marks holding Bands. I was thinking in my head  what are we going to do So i went and ask Mr Marks He Said’ you will Find out. So we had to go in to lines to the court we where not allowed to make noises Because classes where working. So there we where at the court we had to stand at the back of the line.

Then Mr Marks told us to pick a partner So i picked sione Mr marks Told us that someone has to be first at running So I said sione will go first at running. So whoever was running first they  had to get a band and put it around hips and then you have to put any hand inside the band so you know how it like to run with one arm.

So off sione went it looked like he was on fire when he was running and it look like he was dancing when he was running because he was wiggling around. And his head was moving side wids with his head and then they have to go and tag their partners hand then there partner will run to the end and come back  but when sione came and tag my hand i was usain bolt when i was running because Mr Marks told us to run as fast as you could when i was running it felt weird and strange because when i run with no bands around my hand it feels like i am more

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Run Baby Run

have you heard about Paralympics?  well I have. It Is people who have special  abilities and amputated limbs or are blind. There was a man from great britain who had metal legs. His fake legs are called blades and it looks difficult to balance.