Monday, 8 April 2013


Once a upon a time there were four brave boys Taniela, Sione, Tame, and Paula they were very brave . He  went on a plane to visit his mother in new zealand I forgot there was a Zombie driving the plane I  when he got on his plane he was tied then he went to sleep when they were on there way to go to new zealand. he was dreaming of zombies that we his plane.

When I was dreaming of zombies I was thinking of lots of things so when I woke up my dream was true there were zombies cracking our windows jumping thought so lucky our captain told us that we have weapons at the back of our plane so there were baseball bats there were wood and shields.

Our captain said’ said to use the shield cover the window so if they try to break in then it would be so hard because it is metal. Then one zombie broke in then I had to smack it with my baseball bat on it head. lucky we had lot of shields in our plane so we blocked it with a shield then I had to go and look for some more weapons

Then I went and looked if there were some more weapons finally there were no more zombies coming. After that we stoped new zealand and then my mum was happy because I was home and I was safe nothing happened to me cause she hasn't saw me in ages.

                  to be continued


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