Thursday, 20 June 2013

Red and Yellow

Today for math we had to see how many red and yellow in the bag. We had to predicted what colour counter is going to come out


Matariki stars

Matariki stars rise during the cold winters, usually between May and the beginning of June. Did you know about 500 stars rise up at dawn? but you can only see the seven stars clearly in the sky. Then it disappears for 2 months and comes back in July.

What does the matariki mean to the maori I think it is a happy new year for them because the matariki helped the first maori people to come to aotearoa.

 The matariki helps the crops to grow because if the matariki stars are seen clearly crops will grow and it will be are warm summer if it is not seen clearly then the crops wouldn’t because it will be a very cold.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Killer whale

In the morning for class we had to see what features of different animals in Antarctica  . I was so excited? we had to go on the class site to look if it is there then I couldn’t  find it so I asked my friend if he knows were it is. Then I found a video of a Killer whale chasing a couple on the boat they were videoing it.

They were chasing them like they were going to eat the couple then the Killer whale was jumping up and down but then I said’ to my friends I thought that only dolphins chase boats. The killer whale was going everywhere around the boat .

It was so fun because they were going around there boat and bumping there boats so they can try to eat them when they are in the water but they couldn't get them out. The Killer whale was working together to eat them.

The couple was lucky because they were nearly at the icebergs then they had a happy day because they got to see a killer whale in there whole life. 

Taniela Wheel of sports

Title: Williams wheel of sport

Author:  Justin brown

Characters  Grace, william, sprint, Williams Mum, Scout porridge, Jesse,  

Setting: Athletics field

What was the problem? Scot always cheated

What was the solution? They solved it by winning

Was there a plot twist? They didn’t know that they were going to win.
My favourite part of the book was? When They won the whole tournament.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? I would make scout lose and  william Cheats  

Would I read this book again?Yes
Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Nsw vs Qld

Did you know ?.that the state of origin was on yesterday. New south wales vs Queensland they had a very tough game on the first minute nsw and qld were coming a tie. All the nsw supporters were standing out of there chairs and cheering for nsw they were saying go nsw go go. Then qld kicked it off

Jarryd hayne catch the ball then he ran straight to sam thaiday and then he tackled him to the floor. On the fifth minute nsw had a plan they did dummy cuts and some offloads James maloney cut Jarryd hayne then Jarryd hayne broke the line then he got the nsw first try

Then James maloney got the conversion in and the first half was over. They had a lot of time to think what to do on the second as they got out they were looking confident. I knew that nsw is going to win this it was just a few minute then Michael jennings broke through 5 defenders and he got a beautiful try then he did a nice surrender to the crowd

Then James maloney got the conversion kick in the score was 14 - 0 It was down to the qld to get a try all ouse they might  lose by 0 then the nsw were holding them up then cameron smith nearly got a try but then he did a double movement lucky they didn’t get a try because if they got a try then it will be 14-6.

It was a very tough game the nsw were holding them up until the 60th minute. Then Billy slater nearly got a try but then Andrew fifita tackled him then picked him back up then tackled him and then he did it again until he got a penalty. Then Greg inglis nearly got a try then he offloaded it to Darius boyd then he got the qld first try. Then Cameron smith got his conversion kick in then the game was over.        
Then I said go the nsw

Friday, 7 June 2013

Penguin Dlo

   This is my Dlo with my friend Tame

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Math Dlo

For each question, explain which person has more and how you know this.
Cyrus has 3/10 of 40 playing cards and Taimana has 1/3 of 36 cards.
When I showed my working out I did 1/10 is 4 then 3/10 are 16 so 16 is the answer

Taimana has 1/3 of 36 cards when i showed my working out i did 1/2 of 36 cards equal 32 then 1/3 is 36 so 36 is our answer