Friday, 31 May 2013

Lost traveller

Once upon a time there was a brave strong man could Michael . He had travelled from Peru to Antarctica it had taken him 7 months to get there. when he got there he knew it was going to be freezing cold so Michael had put on 5 big jacket. He had know where to sleep so Michael went and looked for something so he can build him a house Michael found a lots of things to make his house.

He had had finish building his house just before it was going to be night time at Antarctica. he had got in his cave house. on his second day in Antarctica he had got chased by a sea bird the sea birds were trying to peck him. Then he was lucky because he bring some food from where he travelled from.

Then Michael went into his cave house because he was so cold that he thought he was in the fridge. Then he went and look for some food to eat he saw some fish he jumped in the water and  got that fish with his hand so when he was out of the water he got a stick then he killed it with a stick.

He was lucky because there were scientist there to test out drill because they want to see how old the icebergs and how the wildlife is they came in a boats. Michael saw the boats going past his cave house then he was running after it and waving for help then they saw him and stop the boat and that the end of my story.   


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Mr Chris Marks said...

I really enjoyed your story Taniela. I loved that you have related it back to things you have been learning in class this term like the drilling of the icebergs, well done. What would have finished it off perfectly was if you had explained how Michael felt when he was finally saved. Really good story Taniela.

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