Thursday, 28 June 2012

Favorite piece

In the morning Mr Marks asked us do we want to go to the art gallery. We said yes. He took a picture of a pair of nike shoes and a goal post. I liked this painting because he coloured with contrasting colors and it has more detail in the picture. It looks like a shoe left on the field the painting was painted by Kayde. ` ` `

Thursday, 21 June 2012

clay work shop

Last Friday room fifteen went to Youthtown we had to go in the clay workshop when i went inside. When i went inside there where lots of clay the room

Then we had to get a clay after that we had to cut the outside of the clay. We rolled t he clay and we had to make thing out of clay. I made a spiral out of clay then i got the clay made a spiral after that we  had to put the glue on the spiral so it can stick on the clay

Then sui told us to go and put on your glass then i went and put on my glass i put green glass on then she said i am finish

aliens and mars

alien pet shop




Conclusion.The end

Once a upon a time i was watching tv then i got obducted by aliens they took me to the ship.Took me to a place called mars and the alien took me to the the pet shop at mars then he was feeding me yuck foods it was like alien snots

On the next aliens where trying to make me go to the pet shop then i had to go with my caregiver. After that he gave me dog food and the they took me for a run around the hole block so i can get tired then they where trying to put my face in the water then my sister came and rescued me from mars

I hope i can write about this again

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rugby League

On Tuesday  we went to our rugby league tournament at Dunkirk Reserve. We had to walk all the way to the field. When we where there we had to sit in a line then Mrs Vaafusuaga took us for a warm up around the field.

Then we played Sylvia Park. The referee blowed the whistle and then Sylvia Park kicked it to us. Sione catch the ball then he bump this boy off then the boy was injured then he knock it on. Then it was handed over to us. So Taka got the ball and ran straight through Sylvia Parks whole team and scored a try. So Jabez kick it to Sylvia Park then our coach Robert said run up and tackle them outside. Then the game was over.

Friday, 8 June 2012


Monet was a french painter and he likes to paint his bridge.

He likes to paint his bridge because its his garden.
He had a famous japanese painting was like an arched bridge. he painted ponds and trees and shrubs.