Monday, 5 August 2013

The wolf in sheep clothing

Once upon a time there was a . The wolf was so hungry his stomach rumbled. He had seen the shepherd feeding the sheep the shepherd didn’t know that the old sly wolf was hiding behind the tree thinking of a plan to gobble the sheep one by one .

His plan was to disguise himself as a sheep. As the shepherd took his flock for a walk the wolf had to put his sheep clothing on quickly because they were heading to the tree. The shepherd didn’t know that he was a wolf, so he walked with his flock so the shepherd wouldn’t know when he was walking with them. They were walking   around until sunset.

The shepherd's wife told him to kill a sheep so they can roast the sheep. A few minutes later the shepherd left the barn to kill a sheep when he killed the sheep he brought the sheep quickly so they can roast it before it is dark. When they killed the sheep they saw the wolf hiding under the sheepskin.
                                         Moral Of the story  
                                Don’t pretend Someone or something you're not


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