Monday, 14 April 2014

It's Fiafia time

How I felt about Fiafia}

As the bell went I rush quickly to the Staff Room, so I can hear what our Tutor say’s to us. He told us to be proud to be a tongan and I was feeling confident to perform in front of our parents and the whole school, Then we had to go and sit down and wait for our name to be called up.

So then our tutor said that we were going to be after the Fijian group. So then they called out our name straight after the Fijian group was finished we marched on as a group I was very nervous my legs were shaking, then I heard someone say my name and I felt alot better it look like there were only a little bit of people but there were lots of them.

A Moment later we walked past the crowd, it was so dark I couldn’t see anybody. Then they turned on the light I could smell a lot of delicious food I asked mum If I could have something to eat then she bought me some chop suey, It was very delicious I wanted some more but we had to go home.

At the end of Fia fia I felt very happy because I got to  perform with my friends and got to eat at the end.

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