Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TCP writing couplets

Apples and pear is the healthiest around here kiwi fruit that grows here has more seed than apple and pears. Did you know that kiwi fruits
Makes more money than apples and pears

kiwi fruit grow on vines apple and pears grow on tree which fruit would you refer to ea
Vines need special t lines to keep it stood that why they have woods And that the end of my Rhyme

My Reflection

The special thing that I've learn this year in class from my teacher was that how and when to use commas and speech marks. I've learnt online by myself how to get on my doc and different sites. My  friend taught me how to play netball

My coach taught me how to play rugby and a lot of things. I taught my friends how to play touch properly because they didn't know the rules,