Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Te tuhi art gallery

                                          Te tuhi art gallery
On monday we went on a trip to the Te tuhi art gallery, It was my first going to the art gallery because I've never been there before. I was wondering what to ask about how they made this gallery and how many years has it been functioning for 34 years that is amazing I was looking forward to go to Te tuhi art place because I love art sometimes when I am bored I like to draw.

We finally arrived to the Te tuhi art gallery It looked so small but as we went inside it was quite big, We met our instructor and his name was Jeremy he was really kind to us we learned different type of tapa names. Like the masi which is an fijian name, the ngatu which is from tonga and also the siapo which is from samoa, we made our own tapa on a piece of the first thing we had to do was scrunch the paper and use dye so it looks real then we used a brown pastel and a pencil to finish it off.

Then Jeremy took us for a look around the place and it was fun because we got to see how other cultures like to draw. after Jeremy took us into this room where we have to see how they use to film in the olden days and how they film in the new days.

It  was an good experience for me because It was my first seeing different kind of art mixed with there cultures, I would want to go there in the holidays because It was fun to see a lot of people there enjoying art    



Every Tuesday mornings some of the year 7 and 8 students walk down to Tamaki college for technology (Tech). at technology we have three different classes we have graphics, food  and hard materials. It’s good that we go to tech because we experience good things

It was fun at our first activities because we got to make chocolate brownies, the equipment we needed was cocoa,eggs,milk and we added a little bit of coconut crumbs. we had to mix the eggs with the milk so that it would have some taste in it then we put it in the oven, as I took a bite It filled my taste buds with joy.

In Graphics it is quite fun because we got to make 3D boxes. And its good to work with my friends because we get to make food and put it in the burger box, our teachers name was Ms heka she was the best because we  made a lot of different food.

Sometimes I feel like going to technology everyday because we get to experience good things. I like having good food teachers because we get to make anything like pasta or biscuits and other things on the last day.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tangle Pattern

At the start of the term our teachers decided to make a class tangle pattern, to make a class pattern we had to listen to Ms Pagets instructions because we didn’t know what to do. It seemed really fun because we got to draw things that relate to your culture.

The first thing our whole class had to do was to search on google for some patterns because we were creating a class tangle. I was searching for some island design because it related to my culture, I was also looking at some maori design because it looks very interesting.

As the rest of the class was still planning there tangle patterns I had already started on my design, Ms paget had drew to  dots at the end of the tangle patterns so that were to finish our patterns. In my art I drew some lines and koru patterns

It was an very good experience, because we got to draw some really cool patterns and we could make it look very interesting. As soon as you finished you had to write a 4 paragraphs about what you just did.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Taniela's soccer

                           How to play Soccer

Every Monday mornings class 5 goes to the court to learn how to play soccer sometimes we have it on the field. Then our instructor introduced her self to us her name was Sofiya, she was a very kind instructor

We all had to go the yellow the first game we played was stuck in the mud, it was an very hard game because a lot of people got in the middle and we had to run away from them. It was fun because I kept on getting to the other side

Then Sofiya took us in to some real drills they were pretty easy because we just had to dribble the all around the cone and come back to our team. If we were good at doing our drills Sofiya would let us play a game of soccer

Sofiya put us all into equal teams in the other team they had a lot of experienced people in the other team. But when we played we were playing as a team but at the end of the game we beat them by a lot of points.

I was so happy that we ended up playing a Fifa world cup tournament because it was fun. Sofiya was a good instructor because she was teaching us how to play soccer

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Taniela's Color wheel


Introduction paragraph

P1 - Primary Colors   Red,blue and yellow

P2 - Secondary colors  Green,orange and violet

P3 - Tertiary colors  Green,orange,gold,purple,navy and light blue

P4 - conclusion

Do you like colors well I do?, did you know that in the the primary colors there are red,blue and yellow there could be a little bit of green. Did you know that primary colors can be combined to make a useful range of colors.

In the secondary colors there are green, orange and violet and secondary colors are made by mixing two or more primary colors.

In our class we are painting about animals that are around the world, like sea life animals. In our painting we have to show a lot of details and have a lot of patterns for the animals inside body

I think that colours are a big thing of our lives because everywhere I go I see colors everywhere because a lot of people like to paint on there houses so it could look very nice.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Part unknown strategy

 I've learnt how to use the part unknown strategy to compare amounts

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mental division problems

 It was fun learning Mental division problems with remainders

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ki o Rahi

                       Ki O Rahi

Yesterday  I was chosen to play Ki o Rahi it was held at the ami netball courts, as we were driving to the netball courts it was raining so hard I thought it was canceled.  Then as we got there the rain started to clear out  I was so happy because I wanted to play Ki o Rahi.

Then we had to go to the ami hall for powhiri Selwyn College was performing There were people with cameras they were recording Selwyn College performance.

So after the powhiri we went outside to play our first game we were playing against a team from Manukau, we beat them 10 - 11 after the game I ran inside because it was so freezing I couldn't feel my legs.

Then we won almost our whole games it was so fun because we got to watch our team 1 play against the champions, it was an good example for next year because I am going to be here next year.      

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

                                            Term 3 Immersion Assembly

I had a dream I thought that school was today so I rushed out of bed and checked the calendar it was time for school. I got out of my Pj’s and changed into my school uniform, mum was calling breakfast is ready so then I ran quickly to the kitchen to eat my breakfast.

As we were playing outside the bell rang it was time for us to go to class, then we had to go to assembly Ms Paget told us were to sit.

Team 1 was learning about all the athletes around the world and which country they represent, and they will learn about the Queens speech.
Team 2 was learning about all the countries that are competing in the commonwealth games there key goal is about the Queens speech and what it’s means.

Then Mr Jacobson called Team 3 up onto the stage they were learning about Rhythmic Gymnastic and how a lot of countries compete in the game.

Team 4 was learning about the new sports, there video was the best because they made up an new sport it was called potato sculpture.

Team 5 was learning about all the countries that will compete in the commonwealth games and also we will be learning about all the games that they will compete in.          

Wednesday, 14 May 2014



Yesterday Class 5 got to play sound games, there was one game that was a good way for us to learn about sounds it was called sounds and instrument exploration. I learnt that the thinner the string on a guitar then the note will be low

Then I played another game called Making music match the sound you had to match the waves as the same as the other guitar.   


Friday, 9 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

It was our first day back to school!, I was so happy because I wanted to learn more about all the subjects. When we got to school we had to sit on our chairs and wait for Ms Paget to go to assembly

At assembly Team 1 was learning about what keeps the animals at the Zoo safe. I was wondering what would keep the animals safe then they should a video and I saw a lot of things that keeps it safe. There was a electric fence and other things.

Team 2 was learning about how planes, and other things fly in the air. Ms Eddie came and showed us how planes flew in the air and I was getting it then they showed us a video of planes then it was finished.

Team 3 was learning about how colors reflect off Rainbow colours and I was like how then Mrs Barks came and explained how they reflect off rainbow colours.

Then Team 4 was learning about how heavy things float on water and I was wondering how does heavy things float on water then Mr Somerville played a video.

Then It was Team 5 turn to show what they were doing they were learning about how they were learning about sounds, Mr Barks was telling us about it.


Today we had practice for Badminton, our instructors name was Robbie  It was so fun because we got to play a lot of games. We got to play stuck in the mud for five minutes, I was so quick I only got tagged twice because I kept on hidding at the back of my classmates.

A few minutes later Robbie called us in so we could get started, we had to line up in one straight line so we could get our rackets. As we got our rackets he told us how to hold a racket there was backhand and forehand.

Then we had to see who could bounce the shuttle the longest my score was 21 I thought it would be so easy but when I played the game it was so hard.

But then we had to play it with our partner my partner was Jabez we had a competition with our class. Jabez and I won our score was 34 we couldn’t believe that we could go that high then we put our rackets back. Then we went to class


Monday, 14 April 2014

It's Fiafia time

How I felt about Fiafia}

As the bell went I rush quickly to the Staff Room, so I can hear what our Tutor say’s to us. He told us to be proud to be a tongan and I was feeling confident to perform in front of our parents and the whole school, Then we had to go and sit down and wait for our name to be called up.

So then our tutor said that we were going to be after the Fijian group. So then they called out our name straight after the Fijian group was finished we marched on as a group I was very nervous my legs were shaking, then I heard someone say my name and I felt alot better it look like there were only a little bit of people but there were lots of them.

A Moment later we walked past the crowd, it was so dark I couldn’t see anybody. Then they turned on the light I could smell a lot of delicious food I asked mum If I could have something to eat then she bought me some chop suey, It was very delicious I wanted some more but we had to go home.

At the end of Fia fia I felt very happy because I got to  perform with my friends and got to eat at the end.

Into the book

Friday, 28 March 2014

Multiplication in Parts with large numbers

 I had a really good time learning Multiplication in parts with larger numbers.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Double number line

 I had a good time learning double number line.

Science Experiment

Everyday the intermediate block has rotation,We always go to Mr Barks class. Every time we go to  Mr Barks class it is so fun because we get to do science and it is kind of dangerous because it could cause a explosion. Everytime we go there I always race so i could get a bean bag because everybody always races to the bean bag so thats why I race to it before I would have to sit on the floor.

We had to listen to Mr Barks or else we would the fail the experiment you had to have a plastic cup  then you put dish detergent in one cup,then put oil into the other cup. Later if you are finish you have to pour the dish detergent into the oil cup then put water and then you will see 3 layers on it.

As we put it in the Dish detergent there were three layers the order went dish detergent,then oil and then dish detergent. it looked very cool because it looked like it had hair in it when we put the ice cube in it everybody thought it was going to end up on  
top but then it sank.

At the end I never thought that it would be fun but now I think Science is really fun because of what we did today.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Here we come breakers

A few days ago on Tuesday some of Pt England primary and intermediate student went to Tamaki college just just to meet the Breakers. It was really fun because people got to play against them,They were so good that they were just landing a lot of tricks and keep tricking us with the ball

As we were playing against the Breakers my favourite player came and sat beside me and his name was Cj Bruton. He looked so tall on TV but when I met him he wasn't that tall I kept on asking Cj a lot of questions like how do you get a lot of 3 pointers. And he told me just focus and as you are going to throw the ball bend your wrist

Later that day the Breakers was signing some papers I had ran to Cj Bruton first because he is a star, And later my Breakers form was all full by there signatures. And after that I wanted to get all there signatures but the whole team wasn't there so then I just went with it.

And at the end of the day I felt very happy because I got to meet the Breakers and got a lot of signatures from the Breakers,Also got to play against even when they won’t my team I still had a great time with them

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Multiplication in parts with larger number

 Last week I had learnt a new strategy

Getting to School

                          Getting To School

At half past 7 I get up and brush my teeth ready to go to school,Because at half past Eight is when we start school. Then asking my mum, “What are we having for breakfast I said”,. Then she replied’ to me “Weet-bix my dear”. So when I was finishing my Weet-bix I was thinking of what to write about for writing

Then I run to my room and put my uniform on ready for school and also’ fix my hair because It looks very nasty In the morning. Every time I wake up In the morning I feel like putting my face in a bucket of water because I feel lazy.

So at 8.00 am I always have a check list because I forget things to much,So that why I always have a check list to see if I have the things that I need. So when we get in the car, mum get in the car and  takes us to school right on time.

As soon as we get there I always race to class and open the windows because in class we have jobs. Then we say the karakia and also sing a song  


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

About Myself

I am year 7 student Pt england School. I have been in this school for seven years my teachers name is Ms Paget. I have only one sister and two brothers in the weekend I always play rugby for University club we have only lost two games and drawled three games. We always play sport in the weekend.

At school my favourite subject is maths because I really like multiplication and division. In the weekend me and my cousin went for a run at the panmure basin as we finished we were huffing and puffing