Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ki o Rahi

                       Ki O Rahi

Yesterday  I was chosen to play Ki o Rahi it was held at the ami netball courts, as we were driving to the netball courts it was raining so hard I thought it was canceled.  Then as we got there the rain started to clear out  I was so happy because I wanted to play Ki o Rahi.

Then we had to go to the ami hall for powhiri Selwyn College was performing There were people with cameras they were recording Selwyn College performance.

So after the powhiri we went outside to play our first game we were playing against a team from Manukau, we beat them 10 - 11 after the game I ran inside because it was so freezing I couldn't feel my legs.

Then we won almost our whole games it was so fun because we got to watch our team 1 play against the champions, it was an good example for next year because I am going to be here next year.      

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

                                            Term 3 Immersion Assembly

I had a dream I thought that school was today so I rushed out of bed and checked the calendar it was time for school. I got out of my Pj’s and changed into my school uniform, mum was calling breakfast is ready so then I ran quickly to the kitchen to eat my breakfast.

As we were playing outside the bell rang it was time for us to go to class, then we had to go to assembly Ms Paget told us were to sit.

Team 1 was learning about all the athletes around the world and which country they represent, and they will learn about the Queens speech.
Team 2 was learning about all the countries that are competing in the commonwealth games there key goal is about the Queens speech and what it’s means.

Then Mr Jacobson called Team 3 up onto the stage they were learning about Rhythmic Gymnastic and how a lot of countries compete in the game.

Team 4 was learning about the new sports, there video was the best because they made up an new sport it was called potato sculpture.

Team 5 was learning about all the countries that will compete in the commonwealth games and also we will be learning about all the games that they will compete in.