Thursday, 13 June 2013

Killer whale

In the morning for class we had to see what features of different animals in Antarctica  . I was so excited? we had to go on the class site to look if it is there then I couldn’t  find it so I asked my friend if he knows were it is. Then I found a video of a Killer whale chasing a couple on the boat they were videoing it.

They were chasing them like they were going to eat the couple then the Killer whale was jumping up and down but then I said’ to my friends I thought that only dolphins chase boats. The killer whale was going everywhere around the boat .

It was so fun because they were going around there boat and bumping there boats so they can try to eat them when they are in the water but they couldn't get them out. The Killer whale was working together to eat them.

The couple was lucky because they were nearly at the icebergs then they had a happy day because they got to see a killer whale in there whole life. 

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