Monday, 15 April 2013

What The......?

When I was walking down the street I saw a baby elephant hanging on the power line. And I was thinking in my mind what the .......? who would do something like that So then I called the police and they were on there way. They said’ what happened and then I said look up there so they were looking for evidence.

When they were looking for evidence they saw a finger prince. So they took the finger price to a computer scanner then they found out that it was my friend sione hanged that elephant. So I went sione and took him to the police station they asked him if he did it and he was saying no all
the time. then they had to take me in and see if he would admit it so then he finally said yes.

When they took the elephant down they called the zoo keepers to come and take the elephant to the zoo when the elephant was back to the zoo with his family he was happy because he was back and he missed them. Then when I went to see my friend sione was not then I said why did you do it.         

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