Friday, 20 March 2015

A day out with my friends

Guess what? Poly fest started this week. I was so excited that we were going with our friends and with our teachers. The year 7 and 8's had a opportunity to go to Parakai pools if we behaved well at the Poly fest, Mrs Tele'a was talking about how we have to behave when we are at Poly fest. I was wanting to go on the first day but we couldn't .

The student's from different schools and our year 7 and 8's were so lucky, because got to meet John key. He had a lot of photographers wanting to take a photo of him but his securities kept on telling them to go but I was excited.

Different activities all around Poly fest. Our first activity was to play squash the point of the game was to try and get the fastest serve, the fastest girl's serve was 111 and the fastest speed of the day was 124 and that was my score. My favorite activity of the day was squash, because I had a lot of fun and it had high scores the fastest in the world was 263. and at the end we got to watch some performances and walked around the stadium twice.

I hope I could go to Poly fest with the year 7 and 8's, because I had a lot of fun with my friends and all the parents that came.