Thursday, 9 May 2013


Did you know that Antarctica is the largest desert in the world for those of you in the world that don’t know now you. It is the coldest place on earth I think it is 100 degrees out there. Did you know that the icebergs are calved by the wind when it is very windy out there.

In Antarctica you would find a lot of wildlife like the leopard seals if they find a penguin by it self on a iceberg they will trap it then the seals will make big waves so it can fall off. Then they will eat it to pieces.did you know that emperors are named after the French first explorers wife.          


Auri said...

Hey Taniela I like your little story you done a very good gob i want to here more of that little story.

Lesieli Vala said...

Hi Taniela,
I know this is quite weird me commenting in your blog but have to, so let get to the story. I really enjoyed your story about the Antratica animals and the who land! Just remember to proof read before you post and check with a buddy!

Nikki said...

Hi Taniela I like what you wrote about antarctica it was interesting to read that blog post keep up the good work :)

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