Friday, 27 September 2013



This term we are learning about Myths and legends. So then the teachers decided to play minecraft. So i had picked the big ben to craft so then we had to find out some facts about the big ben. so I found out that a man called Augustus welby northmore pugin
Did you know that a man called Augustus welby northmore was the man who design the big ben. He was born 1812 and he died in 1852 on september. He has made a lot of buildings like churches in england and some in Ireland.

It was made in london were the queen lives. They had first built it in 1858 they had took 34 years to build it. They have built it out of copper and tin did you know that the big ben is 151 years old and it weighs the same as a elephant.

In the past we never had fashion designers but now in 2013 we have a lot designers that can make a lot of cool clothes. SO if we compare it to the past it is better now


In the 1850’s we had transporting devices and In the past we didn’t have any cars we only had horses and all different animals so if we compare it to now we have cars.

In the past we had a lot of food from the ground like vegetables. Now in 2013 we still veggies and fruit. so if we compare it to now than we still have veggies and fruit.       

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Big ben

On minecraft I have built the big Ben. It is so fun because you get to build anything

Monday, 16 September 2013

The midas touch

Once upon a time there once was a ugly beast named Silenus. He had a pair of hairy legs and a fluffy tail Silenus was so evil and strong people hated him. When he walks his belly flops up and down.Then one day a man called Dionysus walked pass Silenus and asked,’ if’ they could be friends, then he said yes then they walked into the palace.

Then one day King midas went to the God of wishes and asked,” if he could have a wish. Then the god of wishes said,” that he only has one wish, he wished that if he touches something it will turn into gold.

On that day his wish came true,Then the god went up into the sky and he vanished. and everybody hasn’t heard a word from him.
                                                The End

Friday, 6 September 2013

Very very hard game!

On sunday we had a game against Collage rifles. When the under 12’s coach asked’ my’ mum if I could play for the under 12’s, I was so excited my mum said that’ I could play for them.

I was so excited I went and packed my clothes for the game. Then he came to pick me up when we got there we had to warm up it felt like i was a star.

Then they called us on field two as we were warming up I  had to be on bench just for 5 minutes` ``. They had blown the whistle for us to go on the field when they kicked it we just scored a try.

Then our first five James got his conversion in and gave us a seven point lead. Then our winger Tyrel scored another try after he scored we were so tired that we were huffing and puffing. we beat them 28 -0

On that day it was so fun because I was out with my friends having a good time playing rugby.