Thursday, 6 December 2012

Netbook Reflection

Hi my name Taniela What i like about my netbook is that you can do your reading on your netbook and you can publish your writing and put it on your blog. And you can look on your math group site and write the questions on your math book so our teacher can mark it. And i like doing math whizz

What Frustrates me is tux paint because it is hard to draw with but now I am getting use to drawing with tux paint.

what would make I better is improving the internet.

I love both because before i had a netbook we used a book it was fun trying to improve my writing and it is the same as now.

By taking care of your netbook and by not dropping your netbook.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


In the morning Mr somerville ask us if  we have togs today and all of the whole class said yes so he said in 4 minutes we are going swimming. So we had 1 minute left he told us to go and get change for swimming. He said 2 minutes to get change if we don't get change before 2 minutes we don’t get to go swimming again.

So we were on our way to go swimming finally. We got there because I wanted to get in the pool. So we got in there and i was jumping around in the big waves. Then we played a game with Mr Somerville. It was a game that you needed a tennis ball because someone has to throw the ball in the water and girls have to vs the boys and who ever win has to tell them what to do like dance.   

Thanks to Tame for editing my work.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012

Free Running

Hey guess what me and and my big cousin saw these boys free running. They were doing front flips on the wall and were doing 3 60s on there skateboards. all the people could int miss this so we told them to come and look at these boys doing lots of tricks on the wall and on the edges of the wharf.

IT was amazing i wouldn't want to miss this because they were like pros at this. They look like they were on a mission from they sen say. They were doing back flips off the playgrounds and swings

So someone was trying to steel some things from the shops and they were trying to steel some chips lollies and drinks so there were no peepers and no cameras. so he ran off with the things he stole so the shop keeper told someone to stop the thief from running away with the stuff 

so i ran and i almost caught him. So i keep on running as fast as i could and i ancle taped him and he fell down to the ground. So we could the cops an they came fast to get him and take him to jail for his whole life and he cant escape from prison because he was lock for ever in his whole life

every body was safe because there were no one trying to steel thing from the people who are going to the movies. Because they will have no stuff to eat at the movies that the end of my story

Friday, 2 November 2012

Light problem at a stadium

When we were watching Tv Me and my uncle saw a add it was about Warriors and Bulldogs It was cheap.They were playing at Mount Smart stadium Me and cousin were beginning to go and see The warriors game against the mighty Bulldogs. So he said yes he told us to go and have a shower so i was first i took long then my uncle told me to hurry so my cousin can come and have a shower. So finally i got out it was freezing when i got out  i had to get change fast because the game was about to start. so my uncle told me to get a jacket for me and my cousin so i did.

When we hop in the car we told him if we can go to the pack n save and buy some food for us to eat at the game befor we might get hungry. We got some chips and lollies and some drink and some biscuit so we paid him the money and went in the car and we drove off fast so we get in time for the game. We where on our way to go to the game

As soon as we got there the game was about to start in 1 minute. but then we we were lucky because we were just in time for the game. Then the game started the mighty bulldogs kicked the ball off to the warriors then Ben matulino bumped off casiano and he was flying to the crowd then casiano came back and he was angry when he came so he tried to form a fight but then the ref and the coaches pulled him back so he doesn't have a fight with ben matulino.

So then the light came off in all of new zealand then we heard a player was injured in the face. Finally the power came back on. Then they asked him what happened he said that he felt something punched him on the face so they called the hospital so they can come and take ben matulino to hospital.

so then all the coaches and people saw him running with bloody hands so the cops were trying to catch the man who was running away but then i chased him and i nearly got him. So i didn’t give up so we tackled him and he fell down. Then the cops came and put handcuffs on his hand and he went to jail for his whole life.

Then all the people were happy because there were no burglar

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Narrative Writing

In the morning me and my friends went to pick up Auri and Frankie. When we got there we thought that he was sleeping in. So we just knocked on the door and then he couldn’t hear. So we knocked on the door again and then he opened the door. so they got there lunch and then i said let’ go  so off we went to school i said to my friends what is that crash noise.

So we ran to the dairy with my friends and we saw a truck that crash into the shops and they where wearing all black clothes. He had lots of hostage on the floor. then they robbed the shops and then he kept them inside the shop until 4:00 clock so he went and got some junk food

so i ran after him and  i got a rope and was swinging it around my head and throwed it to him and rap it his legs and he fell. So i took him back to the shop and the the shopkeeper called the police so he did and the police came and put handcuffs around his hand and took him to jail the end.

when there were no person trying to rob the shop everyone were happy because there no one trying to steal some food.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Feeling what it like to run with one arm

As The bell went I saw Mr Marks holding Bands. I was thinking in my head  what are we going to do So i went and ask Mr Marks He Said’ you will Find out. So we had to go in to lines to the court we where not allowed to make noises Because classes where working. So there we where at the court we had to stand at the back of the line.

Then Mr Marks told us to pick a partner So i picked sione Mr marks Told us that someone has to be first at running So I said sione will go first at running. So whoever was running first they  had to get a band and put it around hips and then you have to put any hand inside the band so you know how it like to run with one arm.

So off sione went it looked like he was on fire when he was running and it look like he was dancing when he was running because he was wiggling around. And his head was moving side wids with his head and then they have to go and tag their partners hand then there partner will run to the end and come back  but when sione came and tag my hand i was usain bolt when i was running because Mr Marks told us to run as fast as you could when i was running it felt weird and strange because when i run with no bands around my hand it feels like i am more

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Run Baby Run

have you heard about Paralympics?  well I have. It Is people who have special  abilities and amputated limbs or are blind. There was a man from great britain who had metal legs. His fake legs are called blades and it looks difficult to balance.   

Monday, 27 August 2012

cross country

Did you know that we had Cross Country On Friday well i was excited. we had to bring a shirt that is your house colour my house colour is kakariki And in the morning i woke up and i was ready to run then my mum said that I have to wash my face and brush my teeth then i grabbed my toothbrush and brush my teeth. And wash my face and went and got changed for school so i put my T Shirt under my uniform.

When i got to school i had to put my clothes that i'm going to run in. So i quickly put on my running clothes on then the bell rang for morning tea. Then i had to go to class and Mr Marks said that we can go and play so i got my lunch and went outside and ate a little bit of food because if i eat to much then i might have a stitch.

Then the second bell then i had to go to where room 18 is because they put the chairs there for the nine years old and the Ten years old and the eleven years old. Mr Burt took us to the reserve but we had to walk to the reserve with Nine years old and up.

Mr said go then we had to run and then i ran on the grass then mr burt said i have to run on the footpath so i was running and my legs where tiring. So i just keep on going. Then my friend said wait and i stopped and wait for him. Then we ran together as a team when we got to that man my friend stopped so i kept on running because i didn’t want my friend to beat me then i was stole running. There was someone in front of me so i stopped and got energie and then that boy in front of me stopped then i ran fast and i was in front of him and i was stole running.Then my friend catch up so we where running together then when we where almost there i ran as fast as i could to the finish line and Mr Jacobson said well done to me and i

Friday, 17 August 2012


Guess what? Rm15 had sausages!!!! Mr Marks told us that we have to bring one dollar to school because we are going to have some sausages. Then he open the door when the first bell went then asked us “Did you come with our one dollar?” Only nine or ten people came with their money. Mr Marks said to the people that didn’t come with their money where lucky because Mr Marks said “That they can have one for free and they have to come with their money when you get enough when you can or pay fifty two times.

Then the rest of room 15 had to cut the onions with a sharp knife when they cut the onions some of them where crying from the onions. They had to cut an onion each because there were lots of people who wanted to have onions on the sausages. they where peeling back the layers from the onions and chopping the onions.

After that Mr Marks told me and Lee if we want to put the sausages on the grill so me and Lee said yes so we put the sausages onto the grill. Then Mr marks told us to close the grill and wait for a little while then open it so i went and look at the people who are cutting the onions then i went and look at the sausages and then someone can smell the BBQ and they said it smells nice then i went and rotate the sausages onto to the other side of the sausages and then i had to keep on rotating the sausages around on it side then mr marks cook the onions on the grill and the sausages look yum and look ready.And some of lee’s were burnt because he left it in the grill to long

As we walk past Mr marks he will give us our sausages in our bread then if you want some sauce on your sausages sizzle then you have to walk past the door. and there you will get sauce  on your bread. As I took a bite my mouth was full of flavour and it made me want more
I hope i can make some of that again.   

Friday, 10 August 2012


Long Time ago there was a Horse called Pegasus he had lots of friends Then came aliens and took them away and make them slaves. and they had to do everything for the aliens then pegasus told his small town that he is going to save his friends from the aliens then he went and save his friends. Then he went and save his friends from a city could nuketown.

Then he saw the aliens running with pegasus is friends into the ship then pegasus was flying to the ship and untied his friends and the aliens didn’t know that pegasus took his friends away from the aliens.   

Friday, 3 August 2012

opening ceremony

On Saturday I watch the Opening Ceremony Queen Elizabeth was on it. She jump of the helicopter. Then she had a parit shoot and she landed on the ground then they took her to her seat on the top of all the people. Then the the rings came

I Shouted’ wow the Rings look cool because it has lava and fire on it As they where singing i saw Mr bean on the piano then he Grab his umbrella and then he got his bag next to his legs. After he was trying to act funny so people can laugh then he was looking for the words. But someone took it away from him.

Then they where running around the whole place looking like monkeys that want to eat bananas. As they where dancing on the tower and then they where going to look for mr bean

Monday, 30 July 2012


Two and a half Thousand years ago Greece began a war and then they had a truce so they where competing in the olympics. There was running, long jump, javelin, boxing, paraton, wrestling, chariot riding, discus.  
In the morning Mrs muliaumasealii said that have to go to the Hall when we got in to the hall. Then we had do warm ups and stretches we ran to the line and come back and ran again but we ran backwards after that we hop around some people and say banjo to someone next to you or at the back of you. Then she said that we have to learn texas is move so we had to go on the ground and then we have to pretend that we have a sword weightlift and after that pick up a basket ball then we have to do boxing and then kick them after do a slam dunk in to the hoop.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

burger king is my favourite meal because my favorite burger it BBQ radio stackers it has delicious sauce and the chips are salty and yummy.   

Monday, 23 July 2012

Art in Movement

This Morning we learned about Art in Movement. First we had to get in to teams then we had to search for sport pictures. Then we had to send our pictures to our leaders after our leaders had to send our work to our Teachers. Then Mrs muliaumasealii said we have to get in line then we have to go to the hall first thing when we got in there we had to run to the line and come back to the other line then we had to practice our art in movement. With our team and then we had to listen to our leader then she will say it is your turn to do it then she video us doing our movement on camera then it was the other teams turn

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic 2012

The olympic Symbol was made in 1914 but it wasn't used until 1920. The colours of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green and red. The background is white. Rings are there because it represents the people going to olympics .       

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Favorite piece

In the morning Mr Marks asked us do we want to go to the art gallery. We said yes. He took a picture of a pair of nike shoes and a goal post. I liked this painting because he coloured with contrasting colors and it has more detail in the picture. It looks like a shoe left on the field the painting was painted by Kayde. ` ` `

Thursday, 21 June 2012

clay work shop

Last Friday room fifteen went to Youthtown we had to go in the clay workshop when i went inside. When i went inside there where lots of clay the room

Then we had to get a clay after that we had to cut the outside of the clay. We rolled t he clay and we had to make thing out of clay. I made a spiral out of clay then i got the clay made a spiral after that we  had to put the glue on the spiral so it can stick on the clay

Then sui told us to go and put on your glass then i went and put on my glass i put green glass on then she said i am finish

aliens and mars

alien pet shop




Conclusion.The end

Once a upon a time i was watching tv then i got obducted by aliens they took me to the ship.Took me to a place called mars and the alien took me to the the pet shop at mars then he was feeding me yuck foods it was like alien snots

On the next aliens where trying to make me go to the pet shop then i had to go with my caregiver. After that he gave me dog food and the they took me for a run around the hole block so i can get tired then they where trying to put my face in the water then my sister came and rescued me from mars

I hope i can write about this again

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rugby League

On Tuesday  we went to our rugby league tournament at Dunkirk Reserve. We had to walk all the way to the field. When we where there we had to sit in a line then Mrs Vaafusuaga took us for a warm up around the field.

Then we played Sylvia Park. The referee blowed the whistle and then Sylvia Park kicked it to us. Sione catch the ball then he bump this boy off then the boy was injured then he knock it on. Then it was handed over to us. So Taka got the ball and ran straight through Sylvia Parks whole team and scored a try. So Jabez kick it to Sylvia Park then our coach Robert said run up and tackle them outside. Then the game was over.

Friday, 8 June 2012


Monet was a french painter and he likes to paint his bridge.

He likes to paint his bridge because its his garden.
He had a famous japanese painting was like an arched bridge. he painted ponds and trees and shrubs.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Jackson pollock

Once upon a time there was a man called Jackson Pollock. He was French but he lived in America . He was married to Lee krasner the artist. Lee Krasner died on 1984.  and Jackson pollock died in 1956.

     He had a famous painting style. His style was flicking, dripping,scooping and dribbling and he splattered the paint everywhere on the paper.

Then Mr Marks said that we can paint about Jackson pollock art. Then we had to get a piece of paper and after we had to pick any coulor from the buckets then we where flicking the paint all around the paper. I was flicking, scoping and dribbling it onto the cardboard then when the pounamu people came we had to go back in side.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Taniela - Swimming Lessons writing

on monday we went to the swimming pools Room 15 had to get change into their swimming clothes. As the other classes were swimming we had to have a rinse in the shower before we get in the pool. Then we had to stand in a line. After that we were waiting for the other classes to get out

The instructor said who knows how to get in safely when you get in the pool then semi raised his hand and said he knows how to get in safely as we where in the pool we had to backstroke all the way to the end of the island. i was swimming fast my legs where tiering bobbing my head down and up. waves rippling on the surface

Then the last thing we did was breathing competition then Texas won

Monday, 23 April 2012

Taniela in the weekend

In the weekend I went to the movies with mum and  brother we watch the Hunger Games. There were ten people that had  to pick one partner. Then they ran and looked for the crystal in the woods. so when a boy dies lot of tigers come and look for them. three girls saw some tigers and they ran and hide in bushes. after that they found the crystal then the movie was finished.

when the movie was finished we went and ate some Burger king. As I took a bite it made me feel like I wanted some more.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Camp writing

Last week on Wednesday we had camp. We were playing Top Team challenge and Mr Jacobson told us the rules. Then it was a challenge between Dream Team and Respecstars. Mr Jacobson blew the whistle then when we crawled under the Tunnel of doom I couldn't see a thing. We went on to the water fight where we had to fill a lot of balloons. The whistle blew and we had to throw balloons at them. I chucked it at Reece and got his belly button. Raising the flag we had finished the game but the other team won.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Taniela camp writing

My Favorite part was when we went down to Pt. England Beach because Mr Burt is going to teach us how kayak and then we where me and Auri was partners when we hop in we almost fell out of the Kayaking bout then we did bombs of the Big rock

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

school camp

I am looking forward to going to Swimorama because I want to go on the hydro slide.  People wont be able to see because it is dark in there.

I am nervous about going kayaking because I might fall out of the little boat. I’m nervous to sing at the concert  in front of lots of  people.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Taniela school picnic

Last Friday our school went to Pointengland Beach.Mr Burt told us to stay a way from the groyne.people were not listing to the ruels then we were playing gridiron Did you now? that we were dodging the ball and Mr marks was the quarterback and he was throwing it to me.Then we played cricket


then we had our lunch i had chips and samwich and fruit then we played tea ball with the little

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tanielas blindfold

As soon as we finished our writing Mr Mark Took Room fifteen to the hall to do a obstacle.Mr marks told us that we have to chose a partner then I chose Arui. I was telling Arui were to go so he doesn't go the wrong direction so we had to go over the plank then we had to go pass the skipping rope. Then over the rugby bag put the hoop over your head then pass the zigzag around the cone then under the mat.Up the stage and the last thing to do is jump of the stage into the big thick mat.Then go pass the red line.That was really had fun I hope we can do it again.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

filfy car

1. Henry's strange ball disappeared.
2. Henry cared about his work.
3. The filthy car disappeared successfully

finding images

1. go to google search and type dog

2. select images
3. i clicked on cogwheel and then select on advance search

 usage right only images labeled for reuse now select search images

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

USE YOUR W. I .T . S WHEN you walk in line

never give up when you are losing in a sport

STOP,Think and do when a teacher tells you

play in the right place

wear it with pride when you come to school

chuck it in the bin when you finish eating

is it kind is it true

Friday, 3 February 2012

My First Post

Hi my name is Taniela I cant wait for my fist camp to play rugby and touch. Im looking forward to improving my reading age and waiting to our field trip. I cant wait for the production because it is the same as Glee.