Friday, 6 September 2013

Very very hard game!

On sunday we had a game against Collage rifles. When the under 12’s coach asked’ my’ mum if I could play for the under 12’s, I was so excited my mum said that’ I could play for them.

I was so excited I went and packed my clothes for the game. Then he came to pick me up when we got there we had to warm up it felt like i was a star.

Then they called us on field two as we were warming up I  had to be on bench just for 5 minutes` ``. They had blown the whistle for us to go on the field when they kicked it we just scored a try.

Then our first five James got his conversion in and gave us a seven point lead. Then our winger Tyrel scored another try after he scored we were so tired that we were huffing and puffing. we beat them 28 -0

On that day it was so fun because I was out with my friends having a good time playing rugby.


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