Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How people receive and spend money

Intro: What is money? money is banknotes and coins that are used to purchase something you want or something you need. Also money is currently everywhere in the world, people use money to purchase or buy things like shoes, food, clothes and also different kind of things.

Where  do  you get  money? There are various ways people around the world receive money. Like if you where an adult you would get money by getting a job and working hard, And also a lot of kids get money by doing all the chores at home. Money can come from many places like your relatives.

How people spend money? I see many people around the community spending and purchasing there money on snooping through the market for things to provide for there family. Also when people see things they would like to wear they would buy it with there own money, only if you are over 21.

When I obtain money? I really struggle with saving my money, because there are so many things I would like to eat or buy. If I receive money, by one of my relatives I would spend it on things.

As the the years flow by I’ve learnt a lot of things about money, that if you spend all the money that your relatives have gave you don’t spend it right away because you might have things you like. Also I would always save my money