Friday, 28 March 2014

Multiplication in Parts with large numbers

 I had a really good time learning Multiplication in parts with larger numbers.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Double number line

 I had a good time learning double number line.

Science Experiment

Everyday the intermediate block has rotation,We always go to Mr Barks class. Every time we go to  Mr Barks class it is so fun because we get to do science and it is kind of dangerous because it could cause a explosion. Everytime we go there I always race so i could get a bean bag because everybody always races to the bean bag so thats why I race to it before I would have to sit on the floor.

We had to listen to Mr Barks or else we would the fail the experiment you had to have a plastic cup  then you put dish detergent in one cup,then put oil into the other cup. Later if you are finish you have to pour the dish detergent into the oil cup then put water and then you will see 3 layers on it.

As we put it in the Dish detergent there were three layers the order went dish detergent,then oil and then dish detergent. it looked very cool because it looked like it had hair in it when we put the ice cube in it everybody thought it was going to end up on  
top but then it sank.

At the end I never thought that it would be fun but now I think Science is really fun because of what we did today.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Here we come breakers

A few days ago on Tuesday some of Pt England primary and intermediate student went to Tamaki college just just to meet the Breakers. It was really fun because people got to play against them,They were so good that they were just landing a lot of tricks and keep tricking us with the ball

As we were playing against the Breakers my favourite player came and sat beside me and his name was Cj Bruton. He looked so tall on TV but when I met him he wasn't that tall I kept on asking Cj a lot of questions like how do you get a lot of 3 pointers. And he told me just focus and as you are going to throw the ball bend your wrist

Later that day the Breakers was signing some papers I had ran to Cj Bruton first because he is a star, And later my Breakers form was all full by there signatures. And after that I wanted to get all there signatures but the whole team wasn't there so then I just went with it.

And at the end of the day I felt very happy because I got to meet the Breakers and got a lot of signatures from the Breakers,Also got to play against even when they won’t my team I still had a great time with them

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Multiplication in parts with larger number

 Last week I had learnt a new strategy

Getting to School

                          Getting To School

At half past 7 I get up and brush my teeth ready to go to school,Because at half past Eight is when we start school. Then asking my mum, “What are we having for breakfast I said”,. Then she replied’ to me “Weet-bix my dear”. So when I was finishing my Weet-bix I was thinking of what to write about for writing

Then I run to my room and put my uniform on ready for school and also’ fix my hair because It looks very nasty In the morning. Every time I wake up In the morning I feel like putting my face in a bucket of water because I feel lazy.

So at 8.00 am I always have a check list because I forget things to much,So that why I always have a check list to see if I have the things that I need. So when we get in the car, mum get in the car and  takes us to school right on time.

As soon as we get there I always race to class and open the windows because in class we have jobs. Then we say the karakia and also sing a song