Friday, 12 July 2013

Taniela Antartica

Hi this is my animation about antartica hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rugby Leauge

Yesterday was Auckland champs day I couldn’t wait because i thought that i was dreaming.  It was fun because we had play teams around Auckland that are representing there area like teams out of west and south and north as we got in the school car we were nervous. As we got there they looked big but i didn’t care how big they are.

Then they called us to the field for our first game we didn’t even know that we were playing we had two minutes to warm up. We had to play manukau Magpies the reef blowed his whistle then we kicked the ball to them and we rushed up as a line to tackle the magpies. And when we tackled him they passed it to there winger and he nearly got a try but then I catched him and dragged him to the out line.

Then paula got our first try because he went through a lot of people he got chased by the fullback then paula fended the fullback in the chest and got a run away.  so the other team had to come back to the halfway line and tap it then the first game was over we had beaten them 4-1 .

Then we had another game straight after our first game our coach said this game  might be a hard game was a close game because on the first half no one gotta try but the hay park warriors nearly got a try but then he knocked it on. Then on the second half hay park got a try but was only a little bit of time we didn’t want to lose so then we came up with a way to get try we just pass it out to our wingers then we they are getting chased we follow them then they pass it to us then we will get the. The points were 5-2.

So after we had beaten the Hay park warriors we had a buy if you don’t know what is a buy it means that you have a rest for ten or fifteen minutes to eat and rest. we were eating a lot of food but then miss vaafusuaga said that we are playing in a few minutes then we stopped eating because we might get a stitch.

  Then our third game was against mayfield it was a very hard game because they were so fast and so big but our coach said’ to don’t worry about the size just get low then rap your arms around there waist . Then they scored 4 tries in the second half but we didn’t want to lose by no trise so we came out in the second half and scored 2 tries against them it was 2 tries to 4 we kept our heads up high.   

Straight after our third game we were so tired we had to play against papatoewhen we kicked it over to them we rushed up in a line to tackle them when they played the ball we did the same thing over and over again until it was last they were very close to the try line but we tackled them up. But there were still time to in this then they scored 5 tries against us but on the second half we scored 3 tries we just lost by 2 tries we still kept our head  up high.

It was very fun at avondale racecourse because I was with my team and friends.