Monday, 12 August 2013

The boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time.. far far away on a farm there was and powerful father and his son. the village was in danger there was an hungry wolf that wanted some meat he kept on coming to his village and trying to eat the sheep even though he was in danger. If the wolf came his son would run to people's houses so that the villagers would come out with there sticks and pins.

When the wolf was gone they made an plan there plan was to yell out wolf wolf wooooolf. Then he had tricked the village he had ran out and yelled woolf but when they came out with there sticks and pin. then when they came out there was no wolf. It was just him laughing because he had tricked them there wasn’t and wolf there. So the village was very angry about it they said, to him that they didn’t want to listen to him again because he might be lying.

When he had finished work he had went back home to his father and his mother. When he went back home his father was very angry at him because he wasn’t taking this job serious. His dad wanted the flock to be safe for the farm so they can sell the sheep.

When the wolf came again the boy was so scared he yelled out wolf wolf wooooooolf but the village didn’t listen so then the wolf was making him scared so then he wouldn’t scream out wolf. He was taking steps to eat the sheep then the boy told the wolf to don’t eat the sheep.  Don’t cry wolf unless you mean it

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