Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Taniela's Color wheel


Introduction paragraph

P1 - Primary Colors   Red,blue and yellow

P2 - Secondary colors  Green,orange and violet

P3 - Tertiary colors  Green,orange,gold,purple,navy and light blue

P4 - conclusion

Do you like colors well I do?, did you know that in the the primary colors there are red,blue and yellow there could be a little bit of green. Did you know that primary colors can be combined to make a useful range of colors.

In the secondary colors there are green, orange and violet and secondary colors are made by mixing two or more primary colors.

In our class we are painting about animals that are around the world, like sea life animals. In our painting we have to show a lot of details and have a lot of patterns for the animals inside body

I think that colours are a big thing of our lives because everywhere I go I see colors everywhere because a lot of people like to paint on there houses so it could look very nice.

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Amelia Finau Tu'itahi said...

Nice one Taniela! Hope you like the colour red because that's my favourite colour. Can you paint my house? Love your blogs little man. Keep up the awesome blogs. I have shared it with the family and hope to see some awesome work this week.

Love Aunty Lia (Say hi to Sita for me)

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