Friday, 9 May 2014

Immersion Assembly

It was our first day back to school!, I was so happy because I wanted to learn more about all the subjects. When we got to school we had to sit on our chairs and wait for Ms Paget to go to assembly

At assembly Team 1 was learning about what keeps the animals at the Zoo safe. I was wondering what would keep the animals safe then they should a video and I saw a lot of things that keeps it safe. There was a electric fence and other things.

Team 2 was learning about how planes, and other things fly in the air. Ms Eddie came and showed us how planes flew in the air and I was getting it then they showed us a video of planes then it was finished.

Team 3 was learning about how colors reflect off Rainbow colours and I was like how then Mrs Barks came and explained how they reflect off rainbow colours.

Then Team 4 was learning about how heavy things float on water and I was wondering how does heavy things float on water then Mr Somerville played a video.

Then It was Team 5 turn to show what they were doing they were learning about how they were learning about sounds, Mr Barks was telling us about it.

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UiliT said...

Hey Nela I really like your piece of writing about Immersion Assembly. I liked the immersion assembly too. I can't wait for the next one.

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