Friday, 9 May 2014


Today we had practice for Badminton, our instructors name was Robbie  It was so fun because we got to play a lot of games. We got to play stuck in the mud for five minutes, I was so quick I only got tagged twice because I kept on hidding at the back of my classmates.

A few minutes later Robbie called us in so we could get started, we had to line up in one straight line so we could get our rackets. As we got our rackets he told us how to hold a racket there was backhand and forehand.

Then we had to see who could bounce the shuttle the longest my score was 21 I thought it would be so easy but when I played the game it was so hard.

But then we had to play it with our partner my partner was Jabez we had a competition with our class. Jabez and I won our score was 34 we couldn’t believe that we could go that high then we put our rackets back. Then we went to class


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