Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Getting to School

                          Getting To School

At half past 7 I get up and brush my teeth ready to go to school,Because at half past Eight is when we start school. Then asking my mum, “What are we having for breakfast I said”,. Then she replied’ to me “Weet-bix my dear”. So when I was finishing my Weet-bix I was thinking of what to write about for writing

Then I run to my room and put my uniform on ready for school and also’ fix my hair because It looks very nasty In the morning. Every time I wake up In the morning I feel like putting my face in a bucket of water because I feel lazy.

So at 8.00 am I always have a check list because I forget things to much,So that why I always have a check list to see if I have the things that I need. So when we get in the car, mum get in the car and  takes us to school right on time.

As soon as we get there I always race to class and open the windows because in class we have jobs. Then we say the karakia and also sing a song  


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Semi said...

Hi Taniela. I like about ur story about going to school. That like me we have weet-bix for breakfast to.

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