Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tangle Pattern

At the start of the term our teachers decided to make a class tangle pattern, to make a class pattern we had to listen to Ms Pagets instructions because we didn’t know what to do. It seemed really fun because we got to draw things that relate to your culture.

The first thing our whole class had to do was to search on google for some patterns because we were creating a class tangle. I was searching for some island design because it related to my culture, I was also looking at some maori design because it looks very interesting.

As the rest of the class was still planning there tangle patterns I had already started on my design, Ms paget had drew to  dots at the end of the tangle patterns so that were to finish our patterns. In my art I drew some lines and koru patterns

It was an very good experience, because we got to draw some really cool patterns and we could make it look very interesting. As soon as you finished you had to write a 4 paragraphs about what you just did.

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