Thursday, 20 March 2014

Science Experiment

Everyday the intermediate block has rotation,We always go to Mr Barks class. Every time we go to  Mr Barks class it is so fun because we get to do science and it is kind of dangerous because it could cause a explosion. Everytime we go there I always race so i could get a bean bag because everybody always races to the bean bag so thats why I race to it before I would have to sit on the floor.

We had to listen to Mr Barks or else we would the fail the experiment you had to have a plastic cup  then you put dish detergent in one cup,then put oil into the other cup. Later if you are finish you have to pour the dish detergent into the oil cup then put water and then you will see 3 layers on it.

As we put it in the Dish detergent there were three layers the order went dish detergent,then oil and then dish detergent. it looked very cool because it looked like it had hair in it when we put the ice cube in it everybody thought it was going to end up on  
top but then it sank.

At the end I never thought that it would be fun but now I think Science is really fun because of what we did today.

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