Tuesday, 9 December 2014



Every Tuesday mornings some of the year 7 and 8 students walk down to Tamaki college for technology (Tech). at technology we have three different classes we have graphics, food  and hard materials. It’s good that we go to tech because we experience good things

It was fun at our first activities because we got to make chocolate brownies, the equipment we needed was cocoa,eggs,milk and we added a little bit of coconut crumbs. we had to mix the eggs with the milk so that it would have some taste in it then we put it in the oven, as I took a bite It filled my taste buds with joy.

In Graphics it is quite fun because we got to make 3D boxes. And its good to work with my friends because we get to make food and put it in the burger box, our teachers name was Ms heka she was the best because we  made a lot of different food.

Sometimes I feel like going to technology everyday because we get to experience good things. I like having good food teachers because we get to make anything like pasta or biscuits and other things on the last day.

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