Monday, 27 August 2012

cross country

Did you know that we had Cross Country On Friday well i was excited. we had to bring a shirt that is your house colour my house colour is kakariki And in the morning i woke up and i was ready to run then my mum said that I have to wash my face and brush my teeth then i grabbed my toothbrush and brush my teeth. And wash my face and went and got changed for school so i put my T Shirt under my uniform.

When i got to school i had to put my clothes that i'm going to run in. So i quickly put on my running clothes on then the bell rang for morning tea. Then i had to go to class and Mr Marks said that we can go and play so i got my lunch and went outside and ate a little bit of food because if i eat to much then i might have a stitch.

Then the second bell then i had to go to where room 18 is because they put the chairs there for the nine years old and the Ten years old and the eleven years old. Mr Burt took us to the reserve but we had to walk to the reserve with Nine years old and up.

Mr said go then we had to run and then i ran on the grass then mr burt said i have to run on the footpath so i was running and my legs where tiring. So i just keep on going. Then my friend said wait and i stopped and wait for him. Then we ran together as a team when we got to that man my friend stopped so i kept on running because i didn’t want my friend to beat me then i was stole running. There was someone in front of me so i stopped and got energie and then that boy in front of me stopped then i ran fast and i was in front of him and i was stole running.Then my friend catch up so we where running together then when we where almost there i ran as fast as i could to the finish line and Mr Jacobson said well done to me and i

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