Friday, 17 August 2012


Guess what? Rm15 had sausages!!!! Mr Marks told us that we have to bring one dollar to school because we are going to have some sausages. Then he open the door when the first bell went then asked us “Did you come with our one dollar?” Only nine or ten people came with their money. Mr Marks said to the people that didn’t come with their money where lucky because Mr Marks said “That they can have one for free and they have to come with their money when you get enough when you can or pay fifty two times.

Then the rest of room 15 had to cut the onions with a sharp knife when they cut the onions some of them where crying from the onions. They had to cut an onion each because there were lots of people who wanted to have onions on the sausages. they where peeling back the layers from the onions and chopping the onions.

After that Mr Marks told me and Lee if we want to put the sausages on the grill so me and Lee said yes so we put the sausages onto the grill. Then Mr marks told us to close the grill and wait for a little while then open it so i went and look at the people who are cutting the onions then i went and look at the sausages and then someone can smell the BBQ and they said it smells nice then i went and rotate the sausages onto to the other side of the sausages and then i had to keep on rotating the sausages around on it side then mr marks cook the onions on the grill and the sausages look yum and look ready.And some of lee’s were burnt because he left it in the grill to long

As we walk past Mr marks he will give us our sausages in our bread then if you want some sauce on your sausages sizzle then you have to walk past the door. and there you will get sauce  on your bread. As I took a bite my mouth was full of flavour and it made me want more
I hope i can make some of that again.   


Mr Marks said...

Wow what great writing this week Taniela. I really like that you have used some speech in your writing. I also like that you have used different sentence beginnings.

The only things you need to work on are checking for capital letters, and checking the big long sentence in your third paragraph.

Lynne said...

Miss Walker said..... I am feeling hungry reading this Taniela. Great writing and it has lots of detail. My favourite part is the last paragraph and the last line. I will have to make sure I am around when the sausages are cooking next time.
Keep up the good writing.

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