Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Narrative Writing

In the morning me and my friends went to pick up Auri and Frankie. When we got there we thought that he was sleeping in. So we just knocked on the door and then he couldn’t hear. So we knocked on the door again and then he opened the door. so they got there lunch and then i said let’ go  so off we went to school i said to my friends what is that crash noise.

So we ran to the dairy with my friends and we saw a truck that crash into the shops and they where wearing all black clothes. He had lots of hostage on the floor. then they robbed the shops and then he kept them inside the shop until 4:00 clock so he went and got some junk food

so i ran after him and  i got a rope and was swinging it around my head and throwed it to him and rap it his legs and he fell. So i took him back to the shop and the the shopkeeper called the police so he did and the police came and put handcuffs around his hand and took him to jail the end.

when there were no person trying to rob the shop everyone were happy because there no one trying to steal some food.

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