Friday, 9 November 2012

Free Running

Hey guess what me and and my big cousin saw these boys free running. They were doing front flips on the wall and were doing 3 60s on there skateboards. all the people could int miss this so we told them to come and look at these boys doing lots of tricks on the wall and on the edges of the wharf.

IT was amazing i wouldn't want to miss this because they were like pros at this. They look like they were on a mission from they sen say. They were doing back flips off the playgrounds and swings

So someone was trying to steel some things from the shops and they were trying to steel some chips lollies and drinks so there were no peepers and no cameras. so he ran off with the things he stole so the shop keeper told someone to stop the thief from running away with the stuff 

so i ran and i almost caught him. So i keep on running as fast as i could and i ancle taped him and he fell down to the ground. So we could the cops an they came fast to get him and take him to jail for his whole life and he cant escape from prison because he was lock for ever in his whole life

every body was safe because there were no one trying to steel thing from the people who are going to the movies. Because they will have no stuff to eat at the movies that the end of my story

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