Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rugby League

On Tuesday  we went to our rugby league tournament at Dunkirk Reserve. We had to walk all the way to the field. When we where there we had to sit in a line then Mrs Vaafusuaga took us for a warm up around the field.

Then we played Sylvia Park. The referee blowed the whistle and then Sylvia Park kicked it to us. Sione catch the ball then he bump this boy off then the boy was injured then he knock it on. Then it was handed over to us. So Taka got the ball and ran straight through Sylvia Parks whole team and scored a try. So Jabez kick it to Sylvia Park then our coach Robert said run up and tackle them outside. Then the game was over.

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Shayne B said...

Hey Taniela

I really enjoyed the second paragraph during the piece of writing it is so good, the most interesting thing I found out when I was reading it, it was good because you even included Robert in it. Next time I think you should add more writing and add a picture.

Shayne (:

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