Tuesday, 12 March 2013

riding bikes

On the last day of school I said’ to my mum that I am going to my friends house. then when I got there we  were jumping on the trampling. We were trying to jump and do some tricks then we had a competition. I was doing some front flip

Then the ne race to see who would win we were racing as hard as we could then when I came he wasn’t there. So i went around the block to look for him and I couldn’t find then I asked is mum and everybody that knows him and they said’ that he hasn’t came to them.

It felt like he had disappeared so I was looking for him and there was no sign of him when I went to school I told my friends to come to my house after school and they said hep. Then the home bell rang and we ran home and got changed and we were searching everywhere for and there were no sign of him again.

So I told my friend to meet at the shop after school then we looked everywhere for him and i said he maybe ran away. I said yep let go and have something to eat cause we have been searching lot of places and we might be tired if we keep on looking.

So that when knew that he had disappeared. And when my friend is not here i am bored and I still want him to come back the end.     

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